Great White Sharks Are Reported To Be ‘Prowling In The Waters Of Britain’

A fisherman recently claimed to have spotted number of Great White sharks off the coast of Britain.

Ashley Lane runs Ashley’s Fishing Trips and is from Paignton in South Devon. He said that he has seen the sea predators in UK waters in the South West.

While shark numbers have appeared to be down, there have been sightings of the most infamous species.

Experts believe that warmer sea could attract new species from the Mediterranean and African waters including hammerhead sharks.

Source – Daily Mail

Mr Lane said: ‘Great White Sharks are there now, I’m sure of it. I’ve not seen one myself but I do speak to a lot of fisherman who say they have.

‘I think species like this swimming off the Devon coast would be a great thing and definitely good for my trade – people would love to see that sort of thing,’ the fishing trip operator said.

‘However, you are then bating wildlife which interferes with the ecosystem – they are not pets and shouldn’t be treated as such.’

Source – Daily Mail

He added: ‘It’s been a very quiet year for sightings. We’ve had no sharks or whales, and there have been loads over the past two years.

‘There are very few mackerel and cuttlefish out in the bay either – and any dolphin sightings seem to have been further out to sea outside the bay.’

Mr Lane doubts that it was down to sea temperature. He said: ‘The sea must be warm because we are inundated with jellyfish. We saw a large barrel jellyfish yesterday and lots of smaller moon jellyfish too.

Source – Daily Mail

‘I think it’s to do with the mackerel, as soon as they come into the bay the larger animals will follow. It’s like a chain reaction but it’s obviously been delayed this year.’

Dr Ken Collins, from the University of Southampton, said: ‘It’s likely we will be seeing more sharks spread from warmer regions such as the Mediterranean Sea towards our waters in the UK over the next 30 years.’

Source – Daily Mail

He further added: ‘While the potential number of shark species around the UK may increase in the next few decades, the overall number of sharks, especially the larger ones, will fall as a result of over-fishing, plastic waste and climate change.

‘It’s really important we work together to prevent a premature extinction of these wonderful creatures.’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal