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Grandma’s Reaction To A Kitten for Christmas Is Priceless and Breaks the Internet With Awe

Source - You Tube

It is always nice to have a good surprise at any age. The kids are always ushered with a load of gifts on Christmas but when this grandma got a Christmas present, her reaction was priceless. When she opened what she thought was just a regular old Christmas present, she was filled with tears of joy.

Her excited scream as she opens the gift is simply the best thing one could witness. The laughter and smiles that fills the air as a cute black kitten’s head pops out of the box is just a scene to behold.

In the video, Grandma tearfully gives her new kitten a big hug. It looks like a match made in heaven. It is one of the best Christmas ever and her joyful tears would make you feel like giving both of them a tight hug.

The kitten also seems to be so comfortable in her lap. Her precious reaction made this gift one of the best gifts ever.

This cute kitten gets a new home and grandma gets a new best friend. A win-win for both. So what have you given your grandma for this Christmas. Tell us in the comments below.

Source – Wideo Pen Pets

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Written by Anu Bansal