Grandfather, 82,Wins Hearts By Painting His Granddaughter’s Nails While She Recovers

A loving grandfather recently made netizens fall in love with him with an adorable act of painting his granddaughter’s nails while she recovers from reconstructive surgery.

Ayla Winter-White, 20, a dental nurse was resting at home in Berkshire, when she received a surprise visit from her loving grandparents, Keith 82, and Margaret, 76.

As Ayla was resting in order to recuperate, grandfather Keith offered to paint her nails, something he has been doing for a long time for his wife because of her severe arthritis in her hand.

Ayla shared a video of her loving grandfather doing her manicure on Twitter, and it quickly went viral with one million likes and more than 200,000 retweets.

Her loving grandfather could be seen carefully applying the varnish, and saying to his wife: ‘I have an important job at the moment’.

Ayla said: ‘When my granddad offered to paint my nails, I was very happy, but also a bit emotional.

‘He knew it was something which would cheer me up.’

But Keith was still not done as after finishing up Ayla’s manicure, he moved onto his wife and started painting his nails.

Ayla said: ‘My Grandad started painting my Nan’s nails because she has severe arthritis and can’t do it for herself.’

She captioned the video: ‘My grandparents came to look after me after my surgery and my granddad told me he wanted to make me feel better.

‘He told me he’s been painting my nan’s nails for 30 years, and that he wanted to paint mine and I needed to share this,’ she said, adding that he’d asked, ‘How many coats do you have on?’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal