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post he doesn’t blame whoever shared the caffeine powder with Lachlan, given they also probably had no idea how dangerous it can be. 

‘It’s scandalous that this product has not been banned in Australia,’ he wrote. 

According to a Cornell University fact sheet, just one teaspoon of pure caffeine powder contains 5000 milligrams of caffeine, which could be lethal. 

Caffeine powder is widely marketed as a diet supplement and is commonly added to energy drinks and shakes, but combining it with other legal drugs can be lethal. 

According to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, consuming caffeine with alcohol places ‘enormous strain on the body’ and may even mask some of alcohol’s effects.

Lachlan consumed his caffeine-laden shake after he returned home from a fairly tame night out with his some of his friends. 

While it remains a mystery exactly where the 21-year-old got the caffeine powder, his father believes Lachlan may have got it from a friend or colleague.

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Written by Shashank