Google finally stopped Huawei’s use of android operating system

Google has blocked Chinese communication firm Huawei from using essential applications, for example, Gmail and YouTube on its new range of smartphones, according to reports.

The new designs of Huawei cell phones will be the ones mainly impacted with access to some Google applications lost. They work equivalent to Samsung and LG telephones in that Huawei devices rely on Android to be powered.

The BBC revealed that the move comes after the Trump organization took action against Chinese tech organizations and added the telecommunications giant to a list of businesses that American firms cannot trade with unless they have a license.

Reuters revealed that despite the fact that there has been some suspension, current Huawei cell phone users with Google applications will most likely use and download app updates from Google.

A Google spoke person added to Reuters: “We are complying with the order and reviewing the implications. For users of our services, Google Play and the security protections from Google Play Protect will continue to function on existing Huawei devices.”

Source: PA

According to sky news:

It is believed that Huawei users will end up having to use a public version of the operating system called Android Open Source Project – that system doesn’t include standard Google apps such as Gmail, Google Maps, Google Photos, and YouTube.

The BBC reported that Huawei chief executive Ren Zhengfei told Japanese media on Saturday: “We have already been preparing for this.” Speaking from the company’s headquarters in Shenzhen, China, he added: “We have not done anything which violates the law”.

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Written by Shashank