Glass Skydeck cracks at 103 floor

Vacationers at Chicago’s Willis Tower were left panicked Monday evening when glass covering cracked underneath visitors’ feet on the building Skydeck on the 103rd floor.

One observer portrayed hearing a ‘boom’, before seeing the glass had ‘fragmented into so many pieces’, as indicated by CBS 2.A mother and her two children were reportedly standing on the deck at the time.

The trio was taking in the views from Willis Tower, which, at 1,451 feet, is the tallest structure in the Chicago and the second-tallest in the United States.

Source: WTHR

The Skydeck boasts protruding glass ledges that enable tourists to look legitimately down at the roads underneath.

Nobody was harmed in the incident, and a representative for the Tower said no guests were ever in danger as the glass is a piece of a defensive layer of covering over the highest point of the Skydeck. However, an eyewitness says the incident was enough to keep them indoors.

Source: WTHR

Visitor Karly Pintado revealed to CBS 2: ‘I’m scared of heights in general so when I saw that happen, I was like “Nope, not going on.”‘

Pintado’s husband, Jesus, filmed the commotion following the event, with many tourists seen looking on in shock at the shattered glass.

Source: WTHR

Source: Dailymail

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Written by Shashank