Girls Perform Dance at High School Tournament, But the Surprise Begins When the Light Goes Off!

Group dances radiate mesmerizingly positive energy when they are performed well. Group performance is like a well-prepared cuisine, where each ingredient is important, but it is meaningful only after being part of the dish.

Such was the performance by a group of girls at Dodge City High School. The school was to host the 76th annual Tournament of Champions. The basketball team of the school reached till finals. Making it to finals was a great achievement for the school, and the drill team’s spectacular performance added icing on the cake.

Source: Youtube

The event was well organized with multiple performances in between games and also during half-time. The Dodge City’s drill team stood out among all of them thanks to the creativity they brought in to their group dance. They started with graceful wavy movements on Hallelujah. After a couple of minutes, the lights went off and the girls took off at full throttle. The mesmerizing view that they created won peoples’ hearts.

Source: Youtube

Sue Kidd, a fan of the drill team, wrote on the school’s Facebook page: “A bit of background for Dodge City HS, located on the western plains of KS. Total enrollment is 2000 students, 81% are a minority and of that 76% Hispanic, and with low unemployment in the community”

“The school is focused on academic success AND respect for all students through a strong focus on character development. This is an example of that success. Congratulations!”

Their dresses were all lit up in the dark. The crowns and capes that they were wearing had lights to create a stunning view when they move. The fast beat music, and their rapid formations one after another made a perfect show.

Source: Youtube

Get ready to be dazzled! Here’s the video.

The dedication that they put into their performance is truly evident in the sync of the group. The choreography, of course, is brilliant too.

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Written by Shashank