Girl With Terminal Condition Wasn’t Expected To Live Beyond One, Defies All Odds and Celebrates Her 9th Birthday

For Ryan and Brittany Miller, whose nine-year-old daughter Brooke was diagnosed with a terminal condition when she was five weeks old, has surpassed everyone’s expectations.

Brooke is suffering from a condition named Aicardi syndrome which is a rare disorder that causes multiple seizures in a day and hence is very difficult to survive beyond a few months.

Source – Brittany Miller
Source – Brittany Miller
Source – Brittany Miller

Brooke is Brittany’s third child. Recalling the events, she says, ‘She was my biggest baby at 8lb 6oz but the only worry really was her one eye wasn’t opening normally which turned out to be smaller due to not growing correctly during pregnancy.’

But weeks later, the couple came to know that this was merely a symptom of a much more complex condition.

Source – Brittany Miller
Source – Brittany Miller

‘At the time he was the only doctor in Arizona to have patients with the very rare genetic condition called Aicardi syndrome,’ Brittany said.

‘He came to us with tears in his eyes and told us the news that our daughter had the same condition.

‘He told us that Aicardi is essentially a terminal diagnosis, there is no cure and most children do not reach adulthood, but in her condition she wouldn’t make it past her first birthday.

‘We chose not to focus on this reality, but it was there then as it is now and it’s real.’

Source – Brittany Miller
Source – Brittany Miller
Source – Brittany Miller

Brittany says that she has learned a great deal from her daughter.

‘I love all my girls equally and differently,’ she said.

‘Brooke requires total care and depends on us for her every need such as love, feeding, mobility, changing and everything else. I have a fierce protective love for her. I’ve also learned you don’t need language to communicate.

‘She’s the happiest and smiley-est girl around. It’s a privilege to be her mom, as it is all of my children.’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal