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Girl uses clothes dryer to dry his dog

This is the shocking moment a young lady pushes her pet pooch into a dryer and turns it on, sending the animal spinning.

The school student from Dallas, Texas, and more she performed this live on her Instagram stories. The young girl tells her followers: ‘I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna put him a** back in the dryer. He likes that s***.’

Take a look at the video first:

She then grabs the Shih Tzu and forces it into the machine and turns it on while she begins shouting and giggling insanely. The dryer begins turning, zooming the poor pooch around and around while the young lady applauds in joy. while the girl claps her hands in glee.

After the machine has been on for around five seconds, she opens the door and the canine can be seen being thrown about inside. She takes it out and says to her pet, ‘I’m sorry’, while laughing. The Shih Tzu looks confused and wanders around in a stupor seemingly scared after the ordeal.

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Written by Shashank