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Girl Rushed to A&E Because Her Fingernail was Broken Is Slammed By Netizens

Source - Channel 4

A teenage girl who went to A&E because she had a broken fingernail, is recently slammed by the netizens.

Aaliyah, 16, from London, appeared on Channel 4’s 24 Hours in A&E, and complained she had to wait before she could see a doctor at St George’s Hospital for her broken nail.

The schoolgirl recently got in a fight with a fellow leading to ripping off of her false nail and partial real nail underneath, which doctors removed.

Source – Channel 4

She started complaining about the time she had to spent in waiting before she could see the doctor and viewers were less than sympathetic to her injury.

Many took to Twitter criticizing her for wasting time in the emergency and accident department.

Source – Channel 4

One wrote:’Watching 24 Hours in A&E and the man with the stomach pains and the girl with the nail problem should have been chased out of there.

‘It isn’t a drop in for lazy idiots who can’t be bothered either consulting a pharmacist or GP. No need to wonder why waiting times are so long.’

Another commented:’No wonder casualty is always busy, going there with a broken nail ffs.’

Source – Channel 4
Source – Channel 4

Holding her ‘throbbing’ finger, she groaned: ‘Can someone come and deal with my finger, I think I’m going to pass out.’

Her mother admitted chuckling: ‘Your finger does look a bit swollen actually.’

Mother Mariah said: ‘My girls have their moments, their arguments…but most of the time they’re there for each other,which is what being a sister is all about.’

She added: ‘Aaliyah loves the physical side of things.’

Source – Channel 4
Source – Channel 4

When the family finally got a chance to see a doctor, Aaliyah was told that her nail is ‘half coming off’ so they will remove the entire thing so that a new nail can grow in its place.

Viewers were not understanding. One wrote: ‘WTF. She was fighting at school and broke her nail clean off.’

Source – Channel 4

Another commented: ‘Watching 24 hours in A&E and there’s a woman in the hospital because she broke her acrylic nail and it’s taken a bit of her normal nail off. Are you kidding me?’

One added:’Oh for gods sake! It’s a fingernail and you’re wasting everybody’s time by going to A&E. People need to re-evaluate what classes as a bloody emergency.’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal