Gigantic Sea Lion Wanders Into Market And Begs For Fish In This Hilarious Viral Video

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Sea lions are famous for two things: their love for fish and their adorable bark.

Recently, a huge, furry sea lion proved the fish love fact in South America by wandering into the market on a rainy, cloudy day.

We are not very sure about the reason why a sea lion with plenty of fishes around has to go to the market and beg for fish. We think he must be having trouble finding his own lunch, or he simply needed a break from fishing.

Either way, the market sure was a perfect change for him as well as the viewers who ended up laughing like anything at this adorable animal.

The sea lion sure was picky about who to go to for fish and so he chose a friendly-looking fisherman. He started to follow him around.

As the fisherman notices his new friend, he laughs and tosses him a fish. The sea lion was simply awed and thrilled by this turn of events and so he started following his new friend for more fish.

The fisherman tried to concentrate on work, but it was getting hard to concentrate with a huge sea lion next to him.

Failed to ignore him anymore, the fisherman finally tossed the sea lion another fish, to which the sea lion gave a loud bark of appreciation!

The video of the fisherman and sea lion was posted on Facebook and it quickly went viral receiving more than 1.6 million views!

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Written by Anu Bansal