Diver helps Giant manta ray in an incredible way

A monster manta ray has been recorded appearing to beg a professional diver for help saving her life.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

The three-meter-wide ocean animal is shown swimming up to snorkelling guide Jake Wilton and flipping over in the water – apparently to show him fish hooks embedded in her right eye. The recording, caught near Ningaloo Reef off Western Australia’s north-west coast, appears to show the manta ray then staying perfectly still as Mr Wilton gently removes the potentially d*adly spikes. The creature – surely known to local people and lovingly nicknamed Freckles – then swims away with a twist as the diver emerges triumphantly with the hooks.

Take a look at the video below:

The footage was released on Thursday by Ningaloo Marine Interactions, the tour company which Mr Wilton works for.

Monty Halls, a British sea life researcher stated: “That manta absolutely understood what was going on. Jake went down again and again and she just remained still for him. I’m often guiding snorkellers in the area and it’s as if she recognised me and was trusting me to help her, She got closer and closer and then started unfurling to present the eye to me. I knew we had to get the hooks out or she would have been in big trouble. I went for a few dives down to see how she’d react to me being close to her.

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Written by Shashank