Furious Mother Slams Lifeguard After Being Asked To Leave A Public Pool While Breastfeeding Her Baby

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The woman, who chose to remain anonymous, slammed a lifeguard when she was asked to leave the property as she was breastfeeding her 10 month old baby.

The mother was nursing her child sitting at the edge of the pool at the same time supervising her three-year-old son, who was swimming in the pool.

She told Yahoo 7 News, ‘The lifeguard, a young female, asked me to leave because they don’t want milk getting in the pool and because my 10-month-old son might vomit in the pool.’

She was asked that food and drinks were not allowed near the pool and that getting milk spilled in the water can be a hygiene risk.

The mother further explained that it was the center’s policy that an adult should be there to supervise her three-year-old boy while he was swimming in the pool.

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She said, ‘I asked to see the pool’s policy on this and she informed me there is no policy about breastfeeding but that they don’t allow food and drink in the pool and if my kid vomits in the pool then everyone has to get out.’

‘I told her that I can’t stop the milk coming out when I have a let down, and that asking me to leave the pool because I’m breastfeeding is illegal.’

She believed that the lifeguard’s reasons were ‘pathetic’ and she showed complete ‘ignorance’ on the matter.

Source – Anonymous
Source – Anonymous
Source – Anonymous

She also complained about the matter on a Newcastle Mums Facebook group, but she received mixed reactions.

One man wrote, ‘There is a time and place for everything and feeding in the pool is not okay.’

Another person added, ‘As much as I support breast feeding In public, we don’t eat food while we are in the pool.’

A third person further pointed out, ‘Leaving aside the issue of breastfeeding in the pool, how can she possibly supervise her 3 year old, especially if the child got into difficulty, while having a baby attached to her breast?’

Some parents sided with the mother and said breastfeeding should far less of a concern than a child diving in the shallow end or peeing in the pool.

One woman even supported her drawing her own example and wrote, ‘I breastfeed in public pools all the time.’

Lake Leisure Center management said that they were looking into the issue.

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Written by Anu Bansal