Frantic Dog Left in Sweltering Car, Kind Stranger Frees The Dog And Waits To Confront The Owner

Gerasimos Klonis and his girlfriend were enjoying lunch at a restaurant when they heard a dog crying nearby.

They quickly realized that the cries were coming from inside a parked car. They found a dog trapped inside the owner’s car on a brutally hot day. The dog can be seen under the effects of the climbing temperatures inside the car.

Since there was no sign of the owner of the dog Gerasimos called 911 after waiting for some time.

Meanwhile, the poor dog was struggling to breathe trying to use the tiny window crack to breathe. He was continuously pawing at the window in the effort to “dig” its way out.

Gerasimos and his girlfriend waited for 10 minutes after which they could no longer bear to see the animal in despair.

That’s when they took matters into their own hands. He picked up a crowbar and started smashing the window.

In the video, one can see Gerasimos freeing the dog from the locked car … and then confronting the owner face-to-face.

Source – Youtube

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Written by Anu Bansal