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Former Banker Spends $75000 To Become A ‘Transspecies Reptilian’

Source - Facebook

A 58-year-old former banker spent a whopping $75,000, underwent more than 20 body modification procedures to become the famous ‘Dragon Lady.’

Tiamat Legion Medusa, who identifies as a transspecies reptilian, has undergone ear removal, castration, tongue splitting, and 18 horn implants.

Source – Mark Lalita/ Jam Press

The Los Angeles resident explains, ‘I am in the process of going genderless, so I prefer they, them pronouns. My ultimate preference is to simply be called an ‘it,’ just like my own kind, the snakes.’

Tiamat was born Richard Hernandez, had a difficult childhood and in this hard time, they developed a kinship with snakes at an early age.

Source – Jam Press

They recalled, ‘I was abandoned by my parents in the middle of the woods, at night, deep in the heart of South Texas, where the western diamondback rattlesnake abounds.’

‘It was then, when my human parents shoved me out of the car to leave me there like unwanted trash, that I adopted the venomous rattler as my parents.’

Source – Mark Lalita/ Jam Press

Tiamat said their parents left them close enough to the family farm so that they could be found by their maternal grandparents.

‘My grandfather, sadly, would continue to abuse me verbally, emotionally, and physically, all because my grandfather hated my father and I was named after my father and the spitting image of him,’ they explained.

The former banker decided to modify their body with a pair of $400 horns in 1997 after they were diagnosed with HIV.

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal