Footage showing horrifying behavior of a thug with a dog

A stupid thug is being chased by police after he punched a pooch in the head and grabbed the creature by the throat in a bar garden.

Footage shows the man picking up the black pooch before throwing it against a fence in Dorset. After the att*ck, the man then drags the dog away. The incident happened outside the Buffalo Bar in Bournemouth on April 14, just before 7 pm

Take a look at the video:

Police have now released pictures of the man from the video which was taken nearby.

Simon Dawson, the pub’s manager, contacted the police after he got a call from staff telling that that a man had hit a dog. He said: I wasn’t generally certain what to think about it truly. I was upstairs at the time and it wasn’t until I saw the CCTV that I understood how awful it was.

She further added: ‘I am now issuing an image of the suspect in the hope that someone may recognize him. I would ask anyone who knows who he is to please contact Dorset Police so we can investigate this incident with colleagues at the RSPCA.’


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Written by Shashank