Footage showing delivery driver messed badly with teens

Shocking footage has been released demonstrating a delivery driver being brutally atta**ed by a gang of teenagers.

Take a look at the video first

In the video, a group of young fellows kick the delivery driver to the floor before booting him in the head and then stealing his moped, on an estate believed to be in London. The driver also seems to be being wearing just his socks, which means the group had even stolen his shoes.

As the mob of youths viciously beat the driver, the cheering cameraman can be heard yelling: “Why so violent! Why so violent! OH S***! WHAT! WHAT! EH YOOO WHAT!”

Then suddenly, one of the group drops kick the conveyance rider in the head. The strong force of the kick makes the driver falls straight to the ground. As the delivery driver topples over, another youth runs into them and gives him ki*ks too.

Since the clip was first shared online on Tuesday 18 June, social media users have condemned the violence of those involved.

One person wrote: “I hope they’re all behind bars. How the f*** you coming for someone minding their own business and trying to make a living.”

According to the bystander, the gang were spotted hanging around a local school prior to this incident and even tried to mug a cleaner before targeting the delivery driver.

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Written by Shashank