Footage how fishermen film themselves hacking off a shark’s tail and then sending her back to sea

Two fishermen who filmed themselves laughing as they cut an endangered shark’s tail have gotten a gigantic backlash. The awful video was taken by the men on board their boat shows them throwing the shark back into the sea. The shark has appeared to swim away as it leaves a surge of blo*d.

Take a look at the video below:

According to local news outlet RUV: The men even show their grinning faces in the video, and are heard shouting ‘good luck trying to swim, you punk!’ at the animal. The video was taken in Greenland, a Danish territory, and happened after the shark’s tail got caught in a fishing line. Both men since then fired from their jobs.

Christel Yr Johansen shared the video on Facebook, writing: ‘The guy is so proud of himself that he disabled comments because no one seems to agree with him .. got a screengrab before he closed that … share at will.’

The owner of the ship used by the men said in a statement: ‘This act is completely unjustifiable and those who committed it have no excuse.

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Written by Shashank