Florida Clinic Issued Warning To Their Nurses To Stop Speaking In Spanish Among Themselves

Seven Puerto Rican nurses working for the Florida Department of Health clinic, claims that the management has forbidden them to speak Spanish among themselves or they will be fired.

Mairyli Miranda, one of the seven clinic workers, said: ‘It feels like you’re a criminal, like you’re doing something that is wrong. Never in my life did I think I was going to go through a situation like this one.’

Source – Daily Mail

The clinic workers also told reporters that they were hired because they were bilingual.

Management allegedly warned the women in monthly meetings that speaking Spanish among themselves would not be tolerated.

Clerk Maria Rivera told Bay News 9, ‘We’re very respectful and we take into account when someone’s in the room or near us that doesn’t speak our language. We speak their language out of courtesy. It’s just right.’

Source – Daily Mail

Miranda told Orlando Weekly, ‘We speak in English to the monolingual patients and staff, but we speak Spanish with each other because we think in Spanish.’

She asserts: ‘There is no law that bans us from speaking Spanish.’

The women say that leadership should be more supportive of other cultures.

Source – Daily Mail

Nurse Laura Rivera told Bay News 9: ‘We just want someone who can be a good leader, you know? Because if you can’t work with different cultures, I think you’re not a good person to be a leader.’

The women have now filed complaints with the Polk County Health Department.

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal