Fearing Disapproval of Fiance, A Teacher Keeps Wedding A Secret From Students. Then They Show Up.

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Choir director at Hingham Middle School in Massachusetts, Christopher Landis is one of the most beloved teachers at his school, adored by all his students.

One day, the choir observed that a man was visiting their teacher on a pretty regular basis. But whenever they used to ask Christopher about him, he used to simply say, “That’s Joe. He’s my friend.”

In reality, Joe and Christopher were partners and were going to tie the knot very soon. Unsure how the kids or their parents would react about all this, he refrained from telling the truth.

Time passed and it was time for Christopher’s wedding rehearsal. As the event was going perfectly, he noticed a bunch of his guests started to take their phones out, as if they are getting ready to record something. Till this time, he had no idea what is it.

Finally the room started getting flooded with his choir students. They were all dressed up. That is when he realized a secret plan had been in place.

The stunned teacher broke down in tears as 50 of his adorable students serenaded him and Joe with their version of “All You Need Is Love.” Christopher later got to know that Joe was involved in  the surprise the whole time.

Parents from the middle school soon caught wind of Christopher’s wedding and approached Joe to help with months of secret rehearsals.

This video captures the moment Christopher realizes the fact that his students understand and respects his relationship with who Joe and they accept them and their new life together.

Source – Little Things

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Written by Anu Bansal