Experts Issue A Warning Of A Massive Earthquake In Southern California

A series of small earthquakes in Southern California is making experts warning an issue to remind the residents that they need to buckle up for the next big event.

The small earthquakes with magnitude 3 or less are almost a daily event. But a recent swarm has caused more than 1,000 temblors over the last three weeks. The event has sparked fears that something more destructive might be on its way to hit Southern California.

Andrew Llenos, a research geophysicist with the US Geological Survey, told the LA Times.‘I would redefine normal as you should still be prepared for a large earthquake.’

‘We do know a big earthquake is going to happen’ at some point in the future.

Richard Allen, director of UC Berkeley’s Seismological Laboratory following an earlier test of the system said about the warning system Shakealert, ‘I actually think that we can say today that ShakeAlert is the most sophisticated earthquake early warning system in the world.’

‘The challenge is getting that alert out to every single individual across the state of California or across the Pacific Northwest.

‘The reason is that the technology for delivering alerts to all 8 million residents of the Bay Area within a second does not exist today.’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal