Everyone is stumped by this eight-year-old’s maths homework

This photograph of a weird maths question has been perplexing guardians and students alike after it was shared on the web, and it’s certain to leave your head hurting.

Source: Reddit

The assignment is for a third-grade student, who would be either eight or nine years old. But not only does the list of questions appear insanely long, but it also looks like a puzzle has sneaked in there which has no clear answer.

Question 44 reads: “Janell had 15 marbles. She lost some of them. How many does Janell have now?”

Sappington told HuffPost: her daughter has dyslexia and attends a private school that offers traditional classes and also specializes in learning disabilities.

After posting the photo on Reddit, she commented, “If someone can answer this correctly, my child will be done with her homework!!” She added that the homework came with no additional instructions or multiple choice.

Sappington further added: “I haven’t found out the answer, but hope to see her graded paper soon, To be honest, I’m unsure if it was printed in error or was a question to test her knowledge of less than and greater than, which she has touched on in the past.”

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Written by Shashank