Emotional Moment: Mom Finds Son’s Baseball Glove At Thrift Store 40 Years Later

Thrift stores are treasure troves of a lot of memories and goodies. Retirees Julie and Michael Lisi love perusing thrift stores closer to their home but one day, their visit to a particular store in Jupiter brought Julie to tears.

The couple has a son, Christopher, who used to be a sports enthusiast. He still harbors his love for athletics by working as a high school football coach. When he was younger, he used to love playing baseball, too.

Source – The New York Times

During his season-ending game in 1978, Christopher’s team won and he hit two home runs but the game-winning glove sadly was lost forever.

She said that Christopher searched for it, but never found it.

“The next day, he went back to find it and it wasn’t there. He never did tell us he lost it.”

It was heartbreaking to lose the winning glove. His dad Michael still has his 70-year-old baseball glove.

Fast-forward to the day, Julie, 78, and Michael, 81 were strolling around the thrift store when Julie froze at the sight of something she saw in the store. Lying there on a shelf right in front of her, was Christopher’s glove. Written on it in big bold letters was “Christopher Lisi.”

Source – The New York Times

Julie still ponders, how on earth did it make its way to Florida.

“My eyes just happened to glance at it. It didn’t really register. Things were whirling in my mind. I could see the name Christopher Lisi written down it. That is when I thought it is his, but it really didn’t seem possible.”

Seeing her wife with the glove, Michael says, “I thought something happened and she turned the glove over and right down the side I could see it.”

Source – The New York Times

Julie clicked the picture of the glove texted it to Christopher and he responded immediately: “buy it.”

Julie paid $1.49 for an old glove that carried so many good memories for her son.

“He was thrilled, he was jumping up and down. He just said, ‘Mom, bring it home.’”

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Written by Anu Bansal