Emotional Moment – Lioness Reunites With Her Pack

This video of Kruger National Park in South Africa where the lioness finds her tribe after being accidentally separated from them is truly incredible.

On the third day, the lioness was finally able to reunite with her pride and it was all caught up on camera and we are so glad it did.

The video starts with a zoomed-in frame of lioness laying down underneath the tree as she waits for her pride to come back.

The lioness kept sitting there, howling in sadness, when the whole pride finally was able to find her.

In the video, you can see the pride running down the dusty dirt road nearby. There were about five lions in the pride in total. The lioness jumped out from underneath the tree to intervene.

As soon as, they spotted each other, they couldn’t control their emotions any longer.

Source – Youtube

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Written by Anu Bansal