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Elephant Waits for Her Bedridden Friend to Get Cured, Their Reunion is Melting Hearts

It is a proven fact that elephants are intelligent animals. Their brains have so much similarity with that of humans. Apart from being smart creatures, they are very social.

Just like us, they also enjoy expressing emotions. They have the ability to communicate with one another through various sounds. They use sounds and other signs to call their babies, and also to warn the other elephants of dangers.

The Oprah Winfrey Show/YouTube

The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee gives shelter to sick and elderly female elephants. The elephants are not only given the expansive environment, but they are also surrounded by the caretakers to look after them.

A Unique Bond

Elephant Tara at the sanctuary had developed a special bond with a dog named Bella. They were not just friends, but best friends who would not eat, sleep or play without each other.

Accidentally, Bella injured her back and was not able to walk. The test of their friendship started when Bella was forced to take rest at the treatment center.

The Oprah Winfrey Show/YouTube

Tara was not ready to abandon her. She visited her dear friend every single day, for three weeks straight! Leaving her 1800 acre habitat, Tara used to stand outside the treatment center desperately waiting for Bella. The caretakers would bring Bella to the balcony so that she can meet her friend.

The Oprah Winfrey Show/YouTube

After three weeks, when Bella was finally able to stand on her feet, Tara felt relieved. The two friends were overwhelmed with love upon being united. The sight was as heartwarming as it was unusual.

Watch the amazing reunion below:

Source: OWN

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Written by Shashank