Elderly man found with maggots in his ears in a nursing home

An elderly man has recently been found with maggots in his ear in a Bupa nursing home when the taxpayers spent a whopping $475million on the facility this year.

John Callaghan is suffering from cancer. He has been staying at the Bupa Tugun aged-care facility situated on the Gold Coast.

His family told The Daily Telegraph that Mr. Callaghan started begging them to take him home after only two weeks at the facility and when his wife visited him, she found maggots in his ears.

Ten days after raising this concern, Mr. Callaghan passed away at the nearby Hopewell Hospital.

Source – Daily Mail

It has now been revealed that 15 out of 30 Bupa facilities breach basic care benchmarks while taxpayers spent hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars funding the facility.

Mr. Callaghan’s widow, Fay, 83, said, ‘He wasn’t an easy man to look after, he was in great pain and was battling cancer in his ear, but when I came to visit him maggots were crawling out of his ears.’

She further said that her husband wasn’t fully aware of the conditions in the facility but he said to his wife: ‘This is a terrible place it’s dreadful, they don’t look after you please get me out.’

A Bupa spokesperson said, ‘This was a serious but isolated incident which occurred in 2017 at our Bupa Tugun home. The issue was quickly addressed by nurses at the home and Mr. Callaghan was transferred to the local hospital at the time.’

Source – Daily Mail

‘We conducted our own independent investigation and strengthened our wound care management processes, including partnering with external wound care specialists and conducting spot checks.

‘Bupa Tugun has passed five external audits by the regulator since October 2017 and is fully compliant with all aged care standards.

‘This particular case was also investigated by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission earlier this year and was closed following consultation with Bupa and Mrs Callaghan.

‘We are clearly very sorry this initial incident occurred, and Bupa has apologised to Mrs Callaghan.’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal