Elderly Couple’s Reaction When Son Turns His Basement Rec Room Into A Refurbished Suite

As Bonnie and George Miller started getting old together, Bonnie’s body started to give, while George’s mind began to slip.

Both aged 87, they had to rely on each other to function as independently and normally as possible.

Their son, Schon, knew how much Bonnie and George love one another, and couldn’t bare the thought of seeing them in a nursing home.

Meanwhile, Bonnie fell and broke her shoulder, and that is when Schon and his wife, Jeannie, started exploring the options.

They started looking for a home with an in-law suite. These suites properties attached to a single-family home, so that an aging family member(s) can enjoy their privacy while remaining close to loved ones.

But Schon and Jeannie couldn’t find anything good and so they came up with a heart-melting plan.

They blew a hole in their basement wall and removed everything from their rec room and completely turned their basement into a fully functional and fully furnished suite.

In the video, Schon surprises Bonnie and George with their brand-new living space. Bonnie, can be seen breaking down in tears.

Source – Little Things

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Written by Anu Bansal