Dog Who Looks Like Salvador Dali Is Up For Adoption in Texas

A dog with a ‘moustache’ just like the one Salvador Dali had has gone up for adoption in Texas.

This five-week-old pooch who has been nicknamed Salvador Dolly was rescued on July 10 and has won the hearts of many fans with the adorable markings on its mouth.

Source – Dailymail

This mix breed puppy is currently at a foster home in Dallas along with her 10 siblings and mother. She has a white body with black ears and tail spot. The most notable and hilarious is her top lip that is shaped like a ‘moustache.’

Salvador Dolly is all set to arrive in New York City in a few weeks. From there she will be sent to foster homes until she could find a permanent home.

Source – Dailymail

Dali himself was an eccentric artist best known for his ‘melting clocks’ work, “The Persistence of Memory.” He used to wear a moustache for most of his adult life until he died in 1989.

Allison Seelig, the Vice President of Marketing at Hearts & Bones Rescue, said: ‘Moustache Puppy is absolutely adorable and we’re so happy we were able to rescue her and her family.

Source – Dailymail

‘It’s puppy season in Dallas right now and there are always multiple moms with litters at the shelter.

‘We try to get as many out as we can because neither moms nor their babies are available for adoption while they’re nursing, and the risk of young puppies getting sick in the shelter environment is very high.

Source – Dailymail

‘Our mama and her 11 babies were found as strays and lived in the shelter in Dallas for over two weeks.

‘We went to meet them last week and were able to find an incredible foster in Dallas who was willing to take the entire family in!

Source – Dailymail

‘The whole family is now relaxing in a comfy and safe home and getting medical care and monitoring until the puppies are old enough to be weaned.

‘We’ll be sending the whole family to NYC for adoption in late August/early September, where they’ll go into foster homes until they find their forever families!’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal