Dog Gives An Epic Silent Treatment To Mom After A Visit To Doggie Dentist

It turns out that humans aren’t the only ones who dread the dentist appointments. Fritz Mortimer, a 2.5-year-old adorable lab mix was so excited to go for a ride with his mom Bret Mortimer, but it was the destination that threw him for a loop.

Turns out he was headed to a doggie dentist for regular teeth cleaning process. Bret knew that something was up with Fritz as he didn’t seem happy to see his mom at all.

She says, “He won’t even look at me. Fritz, look at me.”

Bret quickly realized that what she is getting from Fritz is a cold shoulder. He casually sat in the front seat with his back towards her and stared out the window.

When Bret called out to him, he refused to look at her. And so she whipped out her phone to capture Fritz’s bad attitude.

“Fritz was mad I took him to get his teeth cleaned and would not look at me afterward. The coldest shoulder. He’s a human trapped in a dog’s body, I swear.”

Bret shared the video online which went viral with two million tweeters watching it.

Source: Twitter

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Written by Anu Bansal