Doctors discovers a lizard living in patient head

A patient with ear pain went to the doctor discovers reptile had been living inside her head for two days.

Thai doctor Varanya Nganthavee, 25, found a gecko inside her patient’s ear on her first day at work at Rajavithi Hospital in Bangkok on Monday. The young doctor was shocked to see something wriggling when she examined her patient’s ear. A nurse expelled the reptile from the ear with tweezers after Dr Nganthavee treated the area with anaesthetic drops.

Source: Varanya Nganthavee

Dr Nganthavee posted the lizard picture on facebook and wrote: ‘This was my last case of the day…. I am so confused. How did a huge gecko crawl into a tiny ear hole?’ 

Dr Nganthavee was stressed there were gecko parts left in the ear and took the patient to a specialist ENT doctor on Tuesday. The doctor confirmed that the ear had been cleared and that no gecko tail remains. She further added: I’m very happy! The doctor complimented me for doing a good job… I could cry.’

Source: Varanya Nganthavee

The gecko seemed, to be a juvenile small house gecko which is very common in Thailand where they are called Jing Jok. How it figured out how to get into the ear and get by for two days has perplexed doctors.

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Written by Shashank