Doctor Offers Something Unexpected to Mother of a Newborn Who Visited for Check-Up

Having a child is a divine gift. Childbirth is indeed a celebration of this miracle called life. It is a gratifying experience for the mother, the father and everyone involved in the process of labor. Those tiny throbbing lives make us feel more alive and fill our hearts with love.

Perhaps this is the reason why Dr. Erik Bostrom, a family specialist from Minnesota, simply wants to welcome the infants to the world in a special way. You would agree he is extraordinarily insightful to go an extra mile to for his patients.

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Dr. Bostrom is a 33-year old obstetrician serving at Riverwood Healthcare Center. His responsibilities include helping ladies deal with their pregnancy, labor, and postpartum health. As a part of his profession, he has had numerous opportunities to bring a new life into this world.

He is dedicated to his patients not simply by being a decent doctor, but also by establishing a good connect with his patients. Thus, he thought of sewing and making customized blankets for the babies he delivered

Source: Facebook/The Uplift

Sewing isn’t actually something that men can handle well. Dr. Bostrom too found it challenging to learn how to sew and embroider. However, it did not take much time for him to figure it all out since he wanted his patients to know he really cares for them.

He makes his patients feel special by gifting them cute baby blankets. Truth be told he’s made one for each and every baby he has delivered.

Lacie Hietalati, one of Dr. Bostrom’s patients, has recently given birth to a baby girl. It was her two weeks check-up visit to the hospital when she got this heartwarming surprise.

Source: Facebook/The Uplift

“Well I have something,” said the doctor and brought out the gift he had made for the baby. It was a beautiful pink colored baby blanket!

Lacie is unquestionably awed by the doctor’s thoughtful gesture. With his crazy timetable, who might have imagined that this doctor could take out time to stitch a blanket!

Watch the video below:

Dr. Eric Bostrom truly loves his profession and genuinely cares for all his patients. He inspires us to travel an extra mile for the people we deal with in our day to day life.

Source: Facebook/The Uplift

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Written by Shashank