Doctor discovered more than 100 tapioca balls in teens belly

A high school young girl has reportedly more than 100 tapioca balls trapped in her body after drinking a lot of a popular Asian refreshment known as ‘bubble tea’.

The 14-year-old was taken to the hospital by her parents in eastern China in the wake of experiencing constipation for five days, according to the local paper.

Doctors said the patient, known by a pseudonym Xiao Shen, had failed to digest the tapioca balls which came with the tea. Xiao Shen is said to be a big fan of ‘bubble tea’, a drink prevalent in East Asia which regularly contains tea, milk and many tapioca balls.

These little balls, otherwise called ‘pearls’ or ‘boba’, are made of tapioca starch which is extricated from the dried roots of the cassava plant local to South America. They usually taste bland and have a chewy texture.

Source: Shaoxing news

According to local Shaoxing News: Xiao Shen’s parents took her to the People’s Hospital in the city of Zhuji on May 28 after she complained about a stomachache. Her parents said Xiao Shen had been having constipation and bad appetite. Dr. Zhang Louwei, who received the patient, said the girl’s abdomen was ‘bulging’.

After an X-ray checkup, Dr. Zhang was stunned to see more than 100 dark balls stuck in Xiao Shen’s body. They were said to fill the adolescent’s stomach, digestive organs, and rectum. After further addressing, Xiao Shen conceded she had drunk bubble tea five days sooner.

Dr. Zhang suspected the tapioca balls inside Xiao Shen had been accumulating over a long period of time and were not the result of a single incident. He prescribed a laxative to help Xiao Shen pass the balls. Dr. Zhang cautioned the public not to drink too much bubble tea.

The surgeon said tapioca starch could be difficult to digest. He said that bubble tea shops might add food addictive and artificial preservatives to the tapioca balls to ‘improve the texture’.

Begun from Taiwan, bubble tea has turned out to be increasingly more popular in Western urban communities with a major Asian populace, for example, New York and London.

Source: Shaoxing news

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Written by Shashank