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Diver does not Know What The Seal Wants Until He Stick Out His Hand

It was just another normal day for diver Gary Grayson. Throughout his times as a diver, he has encountered a variety of dangers in the form of sharks and crocodiles. So, you can imagine how surprised he would have been when he came across a different kind of sea creature, a lovable seal.

Here is the story about his encounter with a lovable seal looking for nothing more than some human contact.

Luckily they shot a video of the entire incident and posted it on social media. Till now, the video has garnered over 15 million views and 11,000 likes on YouTube.

It was business as usual for Grayson and his friend when they swam off the shores of Scilly Isle. They were soon approached by a family of seals and none of them anticipated what is going to happen next. Seals are unpredictable and can become quite aggressive towards divers.

A seal pup approached Grayson leaving him confused as to what will happen next.

But to his surprise, it became the experience of a lifetime. At first, the seal pup rubbed its nose against Grayson’s mask and as he reached out to stroke it, it shook his hand.

Embolden by this gesture, Grayson reached out to scratch its chin, which it seemed to enjoy. You could tell for sure that it had a smile on its face.

Next, comes the showstopper moment when the seal rolled over and allowed Grayson to rub its belly. The face-to-face encounter has left quite an impression on the diver.

Source – Shareably

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Written by Anu Bansal