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Delivery Man Spots Strange Black Pile Of Clothing In Middle Of Snowstorm, But On Second Glance, He Realized It Was Something Else

Source - Clyde Compton

Have you ever wondered while stepping out of the house, “What life has planned for me today?” No, right? You simply think, “Ok, it’s snowing out there but I have a job to do and so I will finish the work and come back home.”

That is Clyde Compton who drives a truck of milk must have thought when he stepped out of his house in Canada. While he was driving through a snowstorm, he noticed a strange black spot amid a world of white.

Source – Clyde Compton

First, he thought, it was a pile of black cloth but as he inched closer he realized that he needs to rush as there is a life, or lives, at stake.

He said in an interview, “They looked like a piece of clothing first when I saw them. But on second glance I knew what it was.”

Trying to save themselves from the chill of the snow, three tiny black kittens were huddled together. There were no paw prints around them which means they had probably been thrown there from the road.

Thinking about the incident, he said, “Looking down from the truck I could see them. Anyone else probably wouldn’t have. They were on the road in fresh falling snow about a foot deep.”

Source – Clyde Compton

Compton rescued them and drove them back to his home 12 miles away. The family owns two cats and two dogs, all rescues.

The lives that were saved have names now. The long-haired female is Shiver, the short-haired male is Flurry,  and the short-haired female is named Stormy.

Source – DLKR
Source – DLKR
Source – DLKR

They are slowly regaining their strength. Compton’s act of humanity gave new lives to these three souls who otherwise must have passed away in cold.

Source – DODO

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Written by Anu Bansal