Dad develops an app that compels kids to text parents

A smartphone is an indispensable part of our day-to-day life. While it helps us communicate with little efforts, it has weakened the ‘connect’ among us. For all the parents complaining that their kids don’t answer their phone calls, the saviour has come!

A father sailing in the same boat as complaining parents has developed an app that could remind your kids to call you. The app locks their phone if they ignore the reminder multiple times. Sounds over-protective huh? Well, no it’s not. Let’s learn more about this unique mobile application.

The inception of ReplyASAP

Nick Herbert is the father of a teenager and a product manager from the United Kingdom. Oftentimes his son would keep the phone on silent while playing with his friends, and the father could not reach him. He was fed up with his son not answering his texts or calls. Hence, he took teaching a lesson to another level. He came up with an app that sends reminders one cannot ignore. And that’s how ReplyASAP was born!

How it works

Currently, ReallyASAP is available for Android users. It’s more like WhatsApp or any other messaging app, but with added features. One can send the message right away or can select a future time. The message will appear over whatever is there on the receiver’s screen, compelling them to take an action. The alarm, which is audible even in silent mode continues until the message is acknowledged. The recipient has two options: ‘Snooze’ or ‘Cancel’. Whichever option one chooses, the sender gets a notification. As per Google Play, the sender could get four types of message status:

“Pending” = not yet delivered because the recipient is not connected to the internet.

“Delivered” = arrived and waiting to sound (if it was scheduled) or is sounding and waiting for the recipient’s response.

“Snoozed” = arrived and sounded; the recipient has seen it but chose to “Snooze for 3 minutes.”

“Seen” = arrived and sounded; the recipient has seen it but chose to “Cancel.”

The app works only when the other person accepts your invitation to connect. The app is free if you want to use it with one person. However, if you want to connect with more than one person, you need to buy a plan.

 Views of the users

Originally developed for parents and children, this app can be used between any two people where it is necessary to send important messages. The concept of ‘important message’ however, is subjective. For example, whether her child ate lunch could be an important message for a mother!

ReallyASAP has received mixed reviews from critics. Some find it to be a creative solution to for parents, while others think it could make them control-freak.

If you think of the usability of this app, it could be used with your close friend, spouse or colleagues as well. Whichever be the use-case, the most important thing to consider here is mutual understanding between the two parties. What do you think?

Source: CBSDFW

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Written by Shashank