Cute and Hilarious: This video Of Boys Showing Grandfather How To Make Alexa Fart Is Going Viral

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The hilarious moments when two Grandchildren present to their Grandfather the secret joys hidden in modern technology by asking his virtual assistant, Amazon Alexa, to fart.

After listening to what Alexa replied, the grandfather erupted into fits of laughter. With the sound of the usually well mannered Alexa engaging in toilet humor, grandfather Paul seems to thoroughly enjoy the gag.

Nick Harvey, from Crowborough, East Sussex, posted this video to Twitter writing on the caption: ‘My sons and I went round to dad’s tonight. Dad was looking a bit glum, so my youngest decided to ask Alexa to fart.’

One of the boys asks: ‘Alexa do a ten second fart countdown.’

The boys wait in silence for Alexa’s reply and burst into hysterics at their grandfather’s reaction.

Keen to have a go at it he asks the children: ‘How do I stop it doing that?’

They then ask: ‘Alexa do a squelchy fart.’

Youtube Screenshot
Youtube Screenshot
Youtube Screenshot

Tickled by the rude noises coming from the front of his TV, the grandfather wipes away his laughing tears as the boys repeatedly ask the assistant to fart.

Mr Harvey later said that he received a message from the creator of the famous flatulence.

‘Apparently, since I tweeted the video, the traffic increase of people asking their Alexas to fart has been huge. I have never been more proud.’

The boys seem to enjoy their newly found gig. They continuously ask Alexa to do different types of farts to which Alexa responds: ‘I think you’re asking about flatulence.’

Alexa says: ‘That was a small one, try asking me for a quick and squelchy fart.’

The younger then has an unusual ask taking everyone by surprise: ‘Alexa fart in an hour.’

But his grandfather tired of all the laughter draws the line and says: ‘Oh no don’t do that.’

Source – Twitter

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Written by Anu Bansal