Customer Asks McDonald Worker to Step Outside, Tears Start Rolling Down Her Eyes When She Gets to Know Why

When people drive to any fast food eatery, they don’t normally engage in conversation with the staff members. Their prime focus is to get their order quickly with the best customer service. However, when they visit a place regularly, they bond with the workers and develop a fun affinity.

This happened to Vicki Anderson, who works at McDonald’s, in South Hutchinson, Kansas. She used to serve her customer Chris Ellis regularly. She could not believe what this person ended up doing as a kind gesture to her. This story has something special and unfathomable which has touched millions of readers on the Internet.

Vicki used to enjoy serving Chris as he would joke with her. This filled her heart with joy and made her day somewhat better.

Source: New York Post

She asked while serving him one day if he knew anyone who was willing to sell a cheap car. She mentioned that her car was dead and the expense of fixing it was more than its actual value.

A surprise was awaiting Vicki

“Fate looked me in the eye when she told me that story,” Chris said as indicated by the Wichita Eagle.  “I couldn’t stop thinking about it. . . . I said, ‘I have to do something.’ ”

Chris’ son Josh had purchased another car for himself and was selling his old one 2009 Pontiac. Chris asked him as to whether he could get it for a good price since it was for a good cause.

Josh agreed and the deal was done! Josh cleaned the vehicle, did the oil change and got the tire rotated.

They both arrived at McDonald’s to astound Vicki. What was Vicki’s response after this surprise? Watch it yourself here:

Vicki breaks down as soon as she learns about the unbelievably kind act of Chris. She keeps blessing him and his son.

This must have created a lifetime memory for Vicki as well as Chris.

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Written by Shashank