Cruel village found stoning a cub bear in Iran

Video of a bear cub being battered to the point of d*ath by a group of men in northern Iran has started outrage after being posted online.

The upsetting video demonstrates two men hurling rocks at the bewildered and injured animal in Savadkuh County, in the country north, earlier this week.

A woman can be heard shouting at the men to stop their attack, but they ignore her cries and continue pelting the animal with large pieces of rock.

Further video uncovers that at a certain point, a bigger group tried to tie a bit of rope around the exhausted animal’s neck. It was then tied up in the back of one truck where it was recorded panting heavily through its mouth.

According to daily mail: One social media user, who posted footage of the attack on Instagram, claimed the bear’s nose was completely closed and its mouth was full of bl*od.
The man, who goes by the handle Soheiloladzad, also claims the bear was unable to see out of one eye, which was full of bl*od.

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Written by Shashank