‘Creepy’ 200-year-old Doll Is Stolen From A Museum To Mysteriously Return After 2 Days

A 200-year-old doll was stolen from a museum and then mysteriously returned after 2 days with its scalp missing.

The doll, also known as Emma’s doll, was disappeared from Waipu museum, situated at about 120km from Auckland.

Museum manager Fiona Mohr said that the artifact could be worth $3000. She also said that doll was called ‘haunted’ and ‘creepy’ because of its piercing eyes.

Source – Waipu Museum

The doll was kept in a protective glass dome before it got stolen.

She told Daily Mail Australia, ‘The thief yanked the doll out damaging its scalp in the process.’

She further said that a volunteer noticed a lock of hair on the floor and decided to check on the doll.

Ms Mohr took the help of social media to locate the doll. Commenters on social media believed that the doll would return as it’s ‘haunted.

Source – Waipu Museum

‘Heard it’s haunted,’ one person commented while another person wrote, ‘Hope she haunts the people who stole her.’

‘The doll will be contacting them before the museum does,’ a third person said.

Source – Waipu Museum

However, 2 days after the incidence, she decided to check the mailbox once. She said, ‘It was there wrapped in a bread bag.’

‘It was damaged.

‘A surgery had been performed on her to fix a leg and an arm using a duct tape.’

Ms. Mohr said that the doll belonged to a three-year-old migrant girl named Emma MacKay.

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal