Couples find photo of themselves after 50 years in festival

Judy and Jerry Griffin have a romantic tale for the ages. The two met while going to Woodstock in 1969 when they were only 22 years of age. Judy and her companions were headed to the iconic music festival when their vehicle broke down. They were as yet 90 miles from the festival grounds, so they decided to hitchhike.

Judy told People: “I was just thinking, ‘Damn, now we can’t go,’ and we were dying to, Then Jerry and his friends pulled up. I stuck my head in and I saw that there was a woman in the car. I’d never hitchhiked before, but I figured, ‘Well, since there was a woman, it was fairly safe, and I probably should just get in the car. I thought, ‘Okay, this is definitely unusual,’” Jerry recalled. “‘We just picked up this really cute girl. And I’m going to Woodstock and I’ve got a tent and she doesn’t.’”

Judy got into Jerry’s companion’s 1967 VW Beetle, and they all began talking. After 90 minutes, Judy and Jerry realized they had a special connection. “By the time we got out of the car and set up camp, we were into each other,” Judy said, “and we basically were together from that point on.”

For quite a long time, have told people their love story, but there was one downside: They never had any photographs of their time at Woodstock together. The two of them carried cameras with them, yet neither of them took pictures. For a long time, they attempted to discover proof of their time at the celebration together, however, they never discovered anything.

That is, until this late summer. Judy and Jerry were viewing the new PBS narrative Woodstock: Three Days that Defined a Generation when they saw footage of themselves. They were blown away. “For 50 years we’ve been looking for a picture of ourselves, and out of the blue one shows up,” Jerry said. “We’d known each other for less than 48 hours when that was taken.”

Take a look at the beautiful video below:

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Written by Shashank