Couple Tie The Knot Eight Days Before The Groom Passed Away of Cancer

Julian Coulston’s battle with rare bone cancer was not a fight he had to fight alone. His girlfriend, Ayla Sharp, 27, stood by him, strong and firm when he was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in 2015. He tragically relapsed in 2018, with doctors telling the couple that the chemotherapy has not worked for him.

In her boyfriend’s difficult time, she stood by him. She also stood next to him on March 28 at their dream wedding ceremony where they promised to spend the rest of their lives together.

Sadly, their forever was just eight days for Julian.

Source – Melbourne Portraits

The 27-year-old was told by doctors that the last round of treatment has failed and for any chance of survival, they have to remove 100 percent of his sacrum which is connected to the pelvis. This would result in an inability to walk.

Above all, surgery couldn’t guarantee that the cancerous cells wouldn’t return a third time either.

Source – Melbourne Portraits

Ayla’s sister knew they could not afford the couple’s desire for a lavish wedding at Werribee Mansion. So she reached out to a volunteer group My Wedding Wish hoping that they could help materialize their special day.

The company provides free weddings taking support from the local community. Julian and Ayla’s application was approved within the hour.

Source – Melbourne Portraits

The company wrote on their Facebook page, ‘The only issue was that Julian was currently in Peter Mac Hospital undergoing pain management protocols. We all had to wait, eager to create magic, but unable to without a time or place for the wedding.’

‘On March 26 a date was set because doctors couldn’t get Julian’s pain under control and we were concerned this may change. We had two days.

‘Ayla and Julian said they’d love to be married at the amazing Werribee Mansion. Our founder Lynette made some phone calls and Parks Victoria jumped on board, waiving all fees and bending over backward to ensure the couple had a beautiful wedding day.’

The company organized the cake, a suit for Julian, Ayla’s wedding dress, and the legal proceedings in just a few short hours. They even arranged a photographer, makeup artist, and celebrant.

With Julian’s health deteriorating, the wedding day became an emotional day for the two families joining as one. The images of weddings showcase just how close the couple was.

Source – Melbourne Portraits

The team at My Wedding wish wrote, ‘The next day, Thursday March 28, 2019, a stunning autumn day, close friends and family gathered at 2pm to watch Julian and Ayla marry in a moving ceremony,’

‘There were a lot of tears and there was so much joy.’

Ayla could not have asked more. She says, ‘Thank you again for giving me the most perfect day that my son and I will remember long after Julian passes on.’

Source – Melbourne Portraits

‘I can’t believe the generosity of everyone who helped pull off the wedding.

‘I cried out of bittersweet happiness because I finally married my best friend of seven years and it will always mean the world to me.’

In the weeks prior to the wedding, Ayla and her husband were ready to move to New Zealand as Julian wanted to be surrounded by family in his last days.

Source – Melbourne Portraits

Their flight was due on the evening of April 3, 2019. Harry from Melbourne Portraits dropped their wedding album that day so Julian was able to see how beautiful was the day he married his wife.

Sadly, Julian didn’t get his final wish fulfilled as he was in too much pain to board the three-and-a-half-hour flight. Julian passed away two days later in the arms of his beloved wife.

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal