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Couple aborted their baby daughter. Says they did ‘entirely for her’

Source - Mirror Online

This story is of a brave unfortunate couple who had to make the harrowing decision to abort their first child after she was diagnosed with a rare disease in a 20-week routine scan. The doctors advised that she had a severe birth defect which could lead to a lifetime of suffering.

Jade, 32, and Mark, 31, Dodson, from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, got married in October 2015 and after two-and-a-half years of trying and several rounds of fertility treatment, they finally got pregnant.

Source – Mirror Online

But their happiness was short lived when in a routine scan, it was revealed that the daughter they named Amalie may had spina bifida, a severe birth defect.

The couple had been told that Amalie’s condition meant that she could have brain damage and a possible bowel dysfunction and paralysis.

Source – Mirror Online

A neural tube defect, Spina bifida affects approximately 1 in 1,000 babies. Amalie had the most severe form of the disease, known as Myelomeningocele.

They decided to have a procedure with local anesthetics to stop Amalie’s heartbeat at 22 weeks.

Jade told Mirror Online: ‘Ahead of the 20-week scan everything was perfect, we felt like the luckiest people in the world and we’d already found out she was going to be a girl.’

In the second round of scan, they got the dreaded news. Jade  further said,  ‘We were told I could have a procedure with local anesthetic to stop Amalie’s heartbeat before giving birth and this is what we decided to do at 22 weeks. We felt this was the best thing ethically for Amalie. Our decision was made entirely for her.’

Amalie was born on December 22nd and a funeral was held for her on January 4th.

The couple has now set up a fundraising page in Amalie’s memory to raise money for more research into Spina Bifida.

Jade said: ‘This has by far been the most difficult thing we have ever faced. We’d like to help prevent the future suffering endured by couples, families and their babies.’

The couple have decided to complete the Three Peaks Challenge on the day that Amalie was due to be born that is April 27th.

They added: ‘We will be joined on the day by lots of our family and friends, who are doing the challenge with us to help us achieve the ambitious £5,000 we are aiming for.

‘Together we can raise more and the further our story reaches the better, therefore please feel free to share this page with your own family and friends.’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal