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Cop Shares Emotional Moment When He Rescued A New Born Baby Wrapped In A Plastic Bag

A Cop speaks about the moment he helped rescue a little girl who was found alive in a plastic bag in the Georgia woods. A caller reported that they heard a baby crying in the woods at 10.08pm on June 6.

The deputies found the baby in Daves Creek Road in Cumming who had been left alone.

Forsyth Sheriff’s Deputy Terry Roper told Good Morning America, ‘When we were able to pick her up, wrap her up, get her a little warm, I was able to talk to her a little bit.’

Source – ABC

‘I wanted to give her comfort. A little bit later I realized it was the first time she had felt love, and I felt honored to be able to give her that.’

Roper said that God had planned a full rescue operation for the baby as the family who reported the baby just arrived home from vacation.

Source – ABC

Kyler Ragatz thought that the girl at first sounded like a cat but sister Kayla told GMA: ‘It sounded like a baby, but you never would think that it’s a baby.

Source – daily mail
Source – daily mail
Source – Daily Mail

‘She was in the plastic bag tied up, but her arm had come out of the bag.’

Further describing the exact moment, Kayla said, ‘Kyler ‘started balling … it was just so emotional’ that made her ‘angry, scared, sad’.

Source – APP

The baby who is now named India had no significant injuries and Forsyth County Sheriff Ron Freeman called it ‘a miracle’.

Police are now on a hunt to find the mother who abandoned her.

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal