Confused air passenger falls after step on conveyor belt

This is the funny moment a first-time flyer stepped on to a baggage conveyor belt hoping to be whisked down to the plane.

But after warily strolling on to the moving bag transporter, the confused female passenger is scooped off her feet and crashes down on her back. Her act was caught on CCTV at the recently opened Istanbul Airport in Turkey.

Take a look at the video:

The short video demonstrates the lady – wearing a pink top and shorts – walk certainly past the check-in staff and up on to the slope prompting the conveyor belt. As she nears the belt, she stops and looks perplexed as a suitcase – not a person – rolls past.

But she steps on to the transporter anyways, to the confusion of the check-in staff who move in to pull her back. However all of a sudden her knees lock and she crashes in on to the transport line and is quickly conveyed down the track before airport staff halt it.

The worried staff rush over, to check that the woman is ok, which she appears to be because she throws her arms aloft.

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Written by Shashank