Caught On Camera: Woman Bangs On Door To Seek Help Before She Is Taken Away

Chilling moment is recently captured on camera showing a woman ended up getting ‘kidnapped’ after she banged on doors of Texas home and yelling for help.

The footage was captured by the Manor home’s Ring doorbell camera, at 9.25pm. It shows the woman frantically knocking on a front door while a man can be seen running up behind her.

As he approached her, she lurched away from him, but he grabbed her quickly by the arms.

She cried before being dragged away, ‘Stop, please. No, no, no.’ Her alleged abductor can also be heard yelling at her and saying: ‘Get in the car.’

Police shared the black-and-white video asking for the public’s help. But a few hours later, the woman ‘from this incident was located and was in good health’.

Police said in a statement, ‘Manor Police Department is still investigating the incidents. There is no threat to the public.’

Source – Manor Police Department

He added that the 20-year-old man and the 23-year-old woman knew each other.

After conducting interviews of both parties involved, authorities said there seems to be no case here so no charges were filed.

Source – Manor Police Department

Struble added to Daily Mail, ‘The woman told us it was all a misunderstanding.’

This turn of events has prompted neighbors to wonder what happened exactly between the two.

Crystal Snowden posted on Facebook, ‘The video came from right outside my sister door and no matter what that dude needs to go to jail. She was dragged [sic] of my sister door step.’

‘My sis was scared and she would have opened the door there is no telling what that man would have done to get to her [sic].

Source – Facebook
Source – Facebook
Source – Facebook

‘That woman clearly needed help even if she was drunk or intoxicated she doesn’t deserve to be taken against her will.’

Snowden also believes that she clearly heard the man threaten the woman with the use of a weapon.

‘If u listen closely to the video the man told her to get in the car before I get the gun I have the original and thanks to God my sister has a camera on her doorbell,’ Snowden added.

Further details cannot be revealed pending investigation.

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal