Caught On Camera: Carer Get Caught Slapping A 101 Year Old Dementia Patient

An evil carer has been sentenced to imprisonment for eight months after she was secretly captured on a hidden camera abusing and slapping a 101-year-old dementia patient.

Ashikiah Reid, 36, from Erdington, Birmingham was filmed roughly cleaning the elderly woman’s face with a flannel simultaneously slapping her arms and hands.

In this heart-wrenching shocking video, the victim is shouting in pain as Reid is man-handling her.

One can see Reid using excessive force on the woman and slapping her hard before pointing an angry finger in her face.

Source – Daily Mail

What is even more chilling to watch is that she then goes back to business as usual as if nothing had happened.

She was finally caught after the patient’s family set up a secret camera after they got suspicious about her behaviour.

After the footage was out, Reid was imprisoned for eight months.

Source – Daily Mail

PC David Nash, from the Public Protection Unit at West Midlands Police, said: ‘I am glad the woman responsible for inflicting unnecessary distress and pain on defenceless woman has been put behind bars.

‘A lot of trust is put into personal carers and this trust was shattered by Reid’s actions against this woman.

Source – Daily Mail

‘I hope this can offer the victim’s family some closure, knowing that someone that showed no moral compass when caring for the elderly has been brought to justice.’

Reid has been expelled from her job and she will never be able to practice as a carer again.

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal