Coffee cafe sparked debate because of their black board menu

A Dorset cafe has mocked coffee snobs with a ‘no nonsense’ list of simplified orders.

The sign outside the anonymous restaurant in Sandbanks, Poole, swapped widely-used coffee names like flat white, latte and mocha for more straightforward descriptions like ‘white coffee’, ‘milky coffee’ and ‘choccy coffee’. A snap of the blackboard sparked debate after it was shared by a visitor on Reddit thread CasualUK – with some coffee aficionados left unimpressed by the cafe owner’s light-hearted approach.

Source: Reddit/Av2LeaveAspace

The translations are as follows: Americano = black coffee, Flat white = white coffee, Cappuccino = frothy coffee, Latte = milky coffee, Mocha = choccy coffee, Tea = not coffee, Hot chocolate = also not coffee.

Obviously, the menu is intended to be a light-hearted stab at the supposed snobbery of many modern day cafés. But as you know this is the internet and people have plenty of free.

One person said: “Mate I’d be fuming if I asked for a flat white and they gave me a white Americano.”

Another said: “Jesus. Be like going to a restaurant with a menu that reads ‘Bird meat. Land animal meat. Sea meat. Vegetables’.”

A third added: “I don’t want my coffee made by people who don’t understand coffee.”

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Written by Shashank