Bus Driver Notices Something That Everyone Overlooks and Now People Are Calling Her A Real Life Hero

Most people think bus drivers simply drive from stop to stop, picking people up but they also deal with much more than you could ever believe.

Slate dubbed bus driving one of the most stressful jobs. Bus drivers are subject to a large number of passenger physical assaults. A 2000 survey showed that the “British transport workers had the highest fear of assault of any occupation— with an actual risk more than four times that of any other job.”

Bus drivers are constantly interacting with passengers and are also responsible for settling any disputes that may arise. This sure is an exhausting and stressful job leaving a little room for attention to any other thing— but one Milwaukee bus driver recently went above and beyond.

Source: Milwaukee Independent

On December 22, Irena Ivic was on her regular bus route when she noticed a disturbing scene.

She saw a baby, less than a year old, wandering alone on a freeway overpass. Clad in just diaper and a red onesie, the baby was feeling cold thanks to the below-freezing temperature.

Source: Milwaukee Independent

Upon seeing the unaccompanied child, Irena immediately put the bus on halt ran across the street to grab them.

She said, “I couldn’t believe that somebody left the child on the street. Oh my God, I was so upset. The baby was so scared and cried.”

Source: Milwaukee Independent

The bus’s security camera captured the footage and shows Irena contacting authorities. One passenger also donated her coat to keep the baby warm.

According to Fox 6 Now, the baby’s mother suffered from mental health issues. She took the child to the church across the freeway before forgetting her there.

After this heroic act of her, Irena was honored by the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) and Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele. During the ceremony, Abele called Irena’s actions “humanity at its best”, stating:

Source – Fox 6 News

“She did a lot more than her job. She did the right thing. I don’t take that kind of compassion for granted.”

“That’s the sort of human impulse we should be celebrating and encouraging.”

According to a video by RideMCTS, this is the ninth missing child found by MCTS drivers in recent years.

Source – Youtube Screen Shot

Comments on the video read:

“Damn, great job MCTS. You got some winners on your team. Also great job to the citizens who helped keep that baby safe.”

Source: Milwaukee Independent

“It takes a village to raise a child. Thanks to the driver and the passengers. GREAT job! Hope the parents do a better job of watching over their child in the future.”

“I cried when I saw this. God bless her. Glad that baby is safe.”

Source – Shareably

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Written by Anu Bansal