Bus Driver is Expelled After He Refused To Drive A Vehicle With Gay-Pride Rainbow Sign

A bus driver has been expelled after he refused to drive a vehicle celebrating gay pride. Passenger Rebecca Sears, 19, claimed that the Konectbus driver insisted on swapping buses as the bus he was driving was ‘promoting homosexuality’.

Rebecca said: ‘He said we have to wait a minute, he said I am not driving this bus because it promotes homosexuality.

‘I was standing with two other women and we kind of thought he was joking, in a weird way. Like we were just thinking is it really that big of a deal.

Source – Daily Mail

‘I thought it was all just quite bad, it made us 10 minutes late – which isn’t bad when its more a legit reason but for that sort of reason it is.’

She further added: ‘I said to them that he had gone to swap buses and that it is ridiculous because that is just a ridiculous reason.

‘You are stopping people from getting home for such a ridiculous reason. It is really bad.’

The driver involved has now been suspended and that a full investigation is underway.

She said: ‘I just hope that he hasn’t said that in front of somebody that is gay.

‘I would hate to think he would say something to them.

‘He didn’t know if I was gay or the other two women I was with. He just outright said it.’

Source – Daily Mail

Rebecca took to Twitter to share a picture of the driver with the caption: ‘Today I was waiting for the 501 bus to Thickthorn and we were told by the driver we had to wait for him to swap buses as ‘this bus promotes homosexuality and I refuse to drive it’ due to the multicoloured ‘501’ sign.

‘Norwich doesn’t appreciate homophobia.

‘I complained to the staff at the station and they were already aware of who I was talking about, so why has nothing been done?

‘I’m aware everyone is entitled to their own views however, if you can’t do your job properly because of your bigotry, maybe you need rethink your choices.

‘Please call out a system that allows homophobes and bigots to get away with things like this, it’s 2019 people need to grow up and be more accepting.’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal