Bride’s made bizarre dress code based on weight

A bride who became a web sensation for a bizarrely specific dress code for her wedding has swiped at the person who ‘leaked’ it and is requesting every one of her guests undergo a lie detector test.

Everything started when the bride posted a dress code for her wedding, which was set to happen 18 months after the post. The bride referred to the wedding as ‘Hawaii 2019’ and the post divided men and women and split them up into weight categories. Yes, really.

Here’s a taste of what the bride wanted her wedding to look like:

Source: Reddit

Children were instructed to wear ‘RED from head to toe’ because they will form the shape of a heart in the synchronised dance they will all do. Yes, there’s dancing. On the beach. In suede.

There would be an outfit change after, which the bride expected guests to have spent at least $1,000 on. (Cover picture is for demonstration purpose only)

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Written by Shashank